New Upgrade Professional 35000RPM Nail Electric Manicure Machine Pedicure Milling Cutter Full Set

New Upgrade Professional 35000RPM Nail Electric Manicure Machine Pedicure Milling Cutter Full Set



Product Description

Professional and portable designed high quality and higher service.
Potable polisher: Equipped with fast head-loading mechanism ,good locking effective ,high speed .low variations, and safety with low voltage machine.
Power box: Stable power delivery ,overload protection ,effective converter, foot push ,non-polarized speed adjustment.
Warning: Please keep equipment dry.

1. Main(power supply & control)part
Rated voltage range:100-120V/60HZ, 220-240V/50HZ
Rated power in put:15W
Output rated voltage:DC0-17V
2. Handpiece(motor)part
Working voltage:DC-1-17V
Rated speed:0-20000RPM/35000RPM

Installation and wire connection:
1. Connect the 5-pin plug of the portable grinding head/hand piece to the OUTPUT socket at the main panel.
2. Connect the pedal switch to the FOOT S/W socket.
3. Select the proper drill bit according to actual requirements,and fasten it to the handpiece.
4. Turn the speed control knob to the left(M/N).
5. Connect with the main source power.

1. Turn the SPEED CONTROL counterclockwise to decelerate the grinding head to the minimum before turning off and switch on the main power source to 0.
2. After operation.put the grinding head on the top of the main panel.
3. While the grinding head is in operation,never pull of the 5-pin plug of the portable grinding head.
4. For long idle time,please disconnect the source power.
5. Any unauthorized disassembling of the products is prohibited. In case of any breakdown,please contact the agent or authorized repair center.We promise swift,high-quality and satisfactory service.

1. Press the function switch to HAND for manual control,the indicator will be on and the grinding head starts to moving slowly.
2. Turn the SPEED CONTROL to the right to accelerate the speed.
3. When the function switch is pressed to FOOT,step on the pedal and the machine starts to work.(foot switch is optional).
4. Te turning directions can be swapped:FWD means clockwise direction and REV means counterclockwise direction.
5. Adjust the speed of the grinding head within a reasonable range.
6. Please adjust the handpiece to the lowest speed before changing forward/backward direction.

How to release tip and lock tip:
1. Turn left to loose the head.
2. Pull out the stainless steel rods.
3. Insert the tip.
4. Tun right to secure the tip.
5. Enjoy the product.
Always remmber to stop the machine before change the tip.

Package List:
* 1 Main machine
* 1 Handpiece
* 1 Foot switch
* 1 Six types Nail Drill Basic Bits
* 1 Handpiece support
* 1 English Manual