Water-soluble Lubricating Fluid Spray

Water-soluble Lubricating Fluid Spray



Product Description

1. Add 2-4in To Your Penis – The most comprehensive penis enlargement Spray available. Add up to 4in length and up to 1in girth in just 2 months regardless of your age or race.

2. Increase Stamina And Sex Drive – In addition to making your member bigger the methods used in the penis Spray actually have other positive side effects, such as increased stamina during sex, increased libido, and the rock hard erections.

3. Safe And Effective Growth – Our Spray is safe with no known dangers. Some doctors have even been known to recommend some of our Spray to their male patients. Be warned that growth is not reversible, only use these oil if you want BIG results.

Sex products for man, helping penis enlargement and delay ejaculation and extend time.
With natural plant extracts, non-toxic, no stimulation, skin friendly and no side effects on your body.
Easy to absorb and quick effect, just use this product 30 minutes in advance.
Bacteria inhibitory design, hygiene, and sanitation.
Help gain more orgasms and promote sexual harmony, enjoying the pleasure of sex life.
Penis injury or skin diseases, prohibit to use.
It is water soluble, easy to wash with warm water.

Project type: Spray
Net weight: 3ML
Shelf life: three years
Materials: Syzygium aromaticum¡¢fructus cnidii¡¢Desertliving cistanche¡£
Efficacy: kidney strong kidney, maintain penis, increase endurance, anti-fatigue, massage makes the sponge larg

Package Included:
1x Spray or 2x Spray or 3x Spray

1: Use 5-10 minutes in advance:
2: The first use according to the individual, choose the dose
3: Be careful not to spray into the urethra
4: Uniform mold opening

NOTE: 3 bottles a course of treatment, keep using and don lose confidence please, you will have a satisfying sex life.