Wireless Display Receiver WiFi Dongle 1080P HDMI TV Stick Support Airplay DLNA Miracast

Wireless Display Receiver WiFi Dongle 1080P HDMI TV Stick Support Airplay DLNA Miracast



Product Description

No need to install APP and supporting one button switch, easy and convenient to operate
Ultra low power consumption, and low heat
With compact portable design for easy carrying
Support for IOS / Android / Windows / Mac operation system
Great sharing and performance for your video, excel, PPT, PDF and other files
Suitable for projectors, smartphones. Tablets, laptops, ultrabooks, etc
Connectors: HDMI,USB
Decode Ability: 1080P (Full-HD)
Operation System : Android
Type: High Definition

1¡¢Display the picture after the product is put on the TV£¬
2¡¢The upper left corner of the picture shows IP, a pattern used by Apple
3¡¢The top right corner of the picture shows IP
4¡¢After closing the IP, it will be the mode of the Android handset connection

Q1: No reaction after connection, no display on the screen?

1) Confirm whether the power supply is normal, please use 5V 2A external power

Supply, the product indicator light is red after turned on, if the indicator does

Not light, please replace the USB power adapter.

2) If the product starts up normally (the indicator light shows red), please confirm

Whether the input signal source of the display has chosen the corresponding HDMI mode.

Q2: The Smartphone (Android/IOS) cannot show the same screen with the big-screen device

After connected?

1)Check if choose the right same screen mode, the product supports for iPhone 4 or above,

Should choose the Airplay/DLNA mode of the wireless display receiver to connect. If it is

Android Phone(support Miracast same screen, different brand¡¯s Android phone has different

Name and icon of Miracast same screen function), please choose the wireless display receiver¡¯s

Miracast mode to connect. Wireless display has a mode switch button, press it once can switch

Airplay or Miracast.

2) For iPhone, it need connect WIFI hotspot of wireless display receiver (SSID and code will

On screen), then finish the same screen connect. Android phone can connect directly under

Miracast mode.

Q3: Products can not connect with Windows system devices, can not be the same screen when

Watching youtobe, Netflix video ?

1) This product only supports Android/IOS system, windows system is incompatible temporarily.

2) This product only supports youtobe and Netflix web version video playback, temporarily can¡¯t

Support the above APP client with the screen play


Package Contents:
1 x Wireless Wi-Fi Display Dongle Receiver,
1 x 2 in 1 WiFi USB Cable,
1 x English User Manual