xoeng? New Baby Child Inflatable Pool Water Swimming Toddler Safety Aid Float Seat Ring

xoeng? New Baby Child Inflatable Pool Water Swimming Toddler Safety Aid Float Seat Ring



Product Description

1,Preferred material: Our swimming pool adopts environmentally-friendly thick non-toxic PVC, good toughness, high strength, no odor, and meets EU market safety standards.
2,Double-layer airbag anti-rollover: The independent double buoyancy airbag can effectively prevent the problem of swimming pool rollover, buoyancy double insurance and safe double play.
3,Multi-color bell: Built-in multi-color bell to promote the baby’s visual development while making a pleasant sound when the baby swims, promoting the development of hearing.
4,Usually go to work, parents need to go to work during the day can not play with the children, you can use this swim ring indoors in the evening, you can do some simple parent-child games with your baby, both to enhance the feelings, but also to amused the baby.
5,Product size: inner diameter: 8.7 inch, outer diameter: 19 inch, trousers diameter: 8.3 inch

Applicable age: children
Material: imported environmentally friendly PVC
Product size: pocket length: 25cm height: 32cm outer diameter: 48 (cm) inflatable inner diameter 22 (cm)
Product color: blue£¬ pink
Package Included:
[Swim ring]*1

-Material:Green PVC
-Ideal swimming position, safety & independence in the water.
-Use in baby pool, in the bath flexibility of home use
-Our baby swim ring can help your baby to grow while stimulating early learning and development from as early as one month old.
*Baby usually do unexpected action, please do not let him or her swimming alone.
*Do not inflate too full, it may cause damage.
*Wait 15 minutes after inflation, ensure no leakage before use.
*Do not let this float close to sharp stuff.